This blog features my screencaps of Doctor Who. Most of them are from the new series, a few Classic Who in there as well. If you have requests, I can screencap any part of any episode from the new series. Ask away!


Doctor Who Parallels:  Dalek, Doomsday, Victory of the Daleks, and Into the Dalek.

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Doctor Who Parallels:  The Girl in the Fireplace and The Eleventh Hour

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(Source: doctor-who-screencaps)

cassinorman asked
Hi! Could you do a gif set of when the 10th Doctor is going through Madam de Pompadours memories and says "You've had some cowboys in here" and when the 11th Doctor first sees the crack in Amy's wall when he says the same thing again? I think the 10th Doctor may have said that same line at some other time but I can't think of when, but thank you!

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