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Moffat’s Recycling Program…or Series Arc?

So, across the first five episodes I’ve noticed some pretty blatant similarities to earlier episodes of Dr. Who.  Here’s a Series 8 comparison re-cap:

Episode One:  Deep Breath

Similar to:  The Girl in the Fireplace

  • The Doctor encounters a broken down 51st century spaceship
  • Said spaceship has automatons on it that are repairing themselves and the ship with pieces taken from living beings
  • The ships featured in each episode are “sister ships”
  • In both episodes the Doctor disappears and then arrives in time to save his companions from the clockwork men

Episode Two:  Into The Dalek

Similar to:  Asylum of the Daleks 

  • The Doctor is kidnapped and forced to deal with broken Daleks
  • The Doctor and his companion(s) are inserted into the situation
  • The Doctor’s “repairs” lead to loads of broken Daleks
  • At the end he meets one Dalek that makes him think that maybe they aren’t all bad (Oswin/Rusty)
  • The Doctor is told in both episodes that the Daleks admire his hatred

Episode Three:  Robot of Sherwood

Similar to:  The Next Doctor

  • The Doctor encounters someone he doesn’t believe exists (his future self/Robin Hood)
  • The two team up to deal with robots that have enslaved the local populace
  • Said robots have chosen a local human to help them rebuild their spaceship
  • The Doctor destroys the spaceship and saves the locals

Episode Four:  Listen

Similar to:  Hide

  • The Doctor becomes obsessed with a ghostly figure
  • The Doctor and Clara encounter someone who has seen or interacted with said ghostly figure
  • The Doctor runs into a stranded time traveler who is blood related to one of the main characters in the episode
  • The Doctor rescues said stranded time traveler and learns a bit more about Clara in the process.

Episode Five:  Time Heist

Similar to:  The God Complex

  • The Doctor is taken against his will to a secure location where he is teamed with people he doesn’t know and must find a way out
  • While at said location he encounters a rare alien creature that feeds on minds/feelings
  • While working out how to escape several people are killed by said alien creature.
  • The Doctor finally gets through to the alien creature and discovers that it doesn’t want to be killing people.
  • The Doctor frees the creature and ends its suffering

and next week’s episode The Caretaker seems a lot like School Reunion.  So, is the Doctor reliving his past adventures on purpose or are Moffat and crew just running out of ideas?

(Source: doctor-who-screencaps)