This blog features my screencaps of Doctor Who. Most of them are from the new series, a few Classic Who in there as well. If you have requests, I can screencap any part of any episode from the new series. Ask away!



All of the regenerations from the new series, presented in timeline order:

1. Eighth Doctor to War Doctor (The Night of the Doctor)

2. War Doctor to Ninth Doctor (The Day of the Doctor)

3. Ninth Doctor to Tenth Doctor (The Parting of the Ways)

4. Professor Yana to The Master (Utopia)

5. Tenth Doctor regenerates to heal (Journey’s End)

6. Tenth Doctor to Eleventh Doctor (The End of Time)

7.  River Song’s first regeneration (Day of the Moon)

8.  River Song’s second regeneration (Let’s Kill HItler)

9.  Eleventh Doctor to Twelfth Doctor (The Time of the Doctor)

The regeneration scene from The Impossible Astronaut is not shown because it was not a canonical regeneration, it was the Teselecta imitating one.


Not everyone breezed through it. They’re lowering the difficulty of Season 5. I had a lot of people leveled up to 3 and four stars before season 5 came out so that helped a…

My “ass kicking” team is almost the same.  My Doctor is War, then Vastra, Handles, Jenny, River, and Rory (all maxed out).  I just started Season 5, the only big snags I seem to hit are when people really dump the poisoning on me, I leveled up my Punishment Medic and use her in place of Jenny.  When I fought Vade at the end of Season 6 I had to use 9 and the medic because he would drop poison on me two in a row. 

Is level 40 as high as they can go?  

"I just wondered, between you and me, in a hundred words…where do you think Van Gogh rates in the history of art…?"

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Doctor Who Legacy

I didn’t listen to the warnings.

I didn’t believe them when they told me.

I figured, “Heh, it’s just a game, I can stop any time”.

Now I’m hooked on Doctor Who Legacy.

If you enjoy puzzle games, RPGs, Doctor Who, and time crystals (who doesn’t?) then this is the game for you.  I downloaded it a few days ago and have twice run my poor iPad from a full charge to dead whilst playing.  Awesome things about it:

-You don’t have to be a full-on Whovian nerd to play

-The amount of control you have is insane.  You can build teams, level players up, make multiple teams (I have an “ass kicking” team and a “level me up” team so far).  Every character has a special feature that can help you, and you can combine them.


-The fan area.  Just, the fan area.  I can’t even.

-You can play this game without ever buying crystals and it doesn’t handicap you like other games do.  However, if you buy crystals you get to the fan area and it kicks ass

-The support is awesome.  I had a small issue with my iTunes account and they were on it instantly and were always polite and helpful.

I heartily encourage you all to download, play, share, and support this game.  It really is made by fans for fans.  I also highly recommend you buy some crystals (you can spend as little as $5 and get to the fan area) and help support them.  They are kicking major ass with this game.